In Focus: OK Spark Fuel Injector Tester

The OK Spark Fuel Injector Tester, No. 100090, allows the users to instantly check and diagnose the fuel delivery system, without removing any components from the vehicle. The Fuel Injector Tester uses a flexible replaceable probe to reach into the engine and read the pulse at the injector body or off the fuel rail. The probe allows user to access the fuel delivery system quickly and easily, keeping hands free from hot or moving engine parts. With a mechanical signal coming from the body, a sound and LED bar graph indicate when there is a problem. Waterproof storage case and 9V battery included.

Features and benefits

The Fuel Injector Testor (FIT) instantly diagnoses the fuel delivery system without removing the injectors. This unit works off the electrical and mechanical signal coming from the injector body, and reads the pulse off the injector body as a bar graph to allow the technician to use both visual and audio sound to detect any problems with the injector.


With the new types of vehicles it is difficult to remove an injector to test it and on some cars you cannot switch injectors from their current position with another as they are coded to the computer for that location. This fuel injection tester is handheld and makes it easy to diagnose an injection malfunction without removing the injectors.

The FIT 100090 is easy to sell and the product is easy to use, the FIT uses a 9V battery so the unit can be used anywhere, for marine use, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, automobiles, small engines, generators and much more. The FIT 100090 works on both gas and diesel engines.


OK Spark USA, Inc. makes the FIT in the USA. The product is made of a tough polycarbonate material with a long wand which wraps around the unit for easy storage. The FIT is handheld and uses a 9V battery for power to the bar graph and LEDs. The on/off switch glows in the dark, so it is easy to see when using it in a darkened engine compartment. The FIT comes with a set of ear-bud headphones so users can hear each injection working or not working.

Selling points

  • Handheld.
  • Glow-in-the-dark switches.
  • Ear-bud headphones.
  • Easy diagnosis for both gas and diesel fuel injectors.
  • Bar graph to show the injector is working or not.

Easy to store with wrap-around wand, easy battery change with just four allen screws holding the back on to change the 9V battery. Easy-to-read display with glow-in-the-dark switches and bright LEDs on the bar graph, as well as electrical and mechanical displays.

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