Engine oil from factory fill to service bays

Engine oil choices

A Focus Shift

The growing importance of advanced lubricants reveals a shifting focus of the trucking industry as operational costs increase and profit margins shrink.

The added pressures of volatile fuel prices and impending stringent regulations in 2014 have increased the awareness of fleet managers towards the productivity of their trucks more than ever before.

Frost & Sullivan believes that with the development of PC-11, engine oil technology will be a significant part of the solution to the complex powertrain-related challenges posed by strengthening regulatory requirements and rising diesel prices.

Sandeep Kar is the global director of commercial vehicle research for Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive & Transportation business. Among his areas of expertise are global commercial vehicle markets and technologies, including powertrain, chassis, safety, telematics and regulation compliance technologies. Frost & Sullivan provides in-depth research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation and implementation of powerful growth strategies for a broad range of industries. www.frost.com.

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