Big-Time Boxes: Travis Touminen

Travis Touminen lives and works in Cocoa, Florida, just up the road from Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center. It can get humid there, and even though the air tank where Travis works is drained daily, the shop has no air dryer. Travis saw a cart like this built by a coworker and decided it’s a good way to protect his air tool investment. He built this ‘air tool station’ on an old Matco tool cart using an ARO Flow filter/regulator/lubricator (FLR) assembly from Ingersoll Rand. There’s just enough room to unlatch and remove the bowls, and Travis says he tops off the oiler once a week and never worries.


Travis’s air tool station is a problem-solver, a term that describes most of the people who read Professional Tool&Equipment News and the tools you see in it. Big Time Boxes is the perfect place to show off ideas that you develop yourself, ideas that save time or money or busted knuckles, or just generally make your life in this business just a little bit better or more profitable. So if you’ve ever made a tool or fixture or piece of equipment that solves a problem, this is the place to share it with other professionals who will appreciate your idea.