Tool Review: Thexton Extended Electrical Back Probe Kit

Thexton's Extended Electrical Back Probe Kit, No. 490X, allows the technician to back probe connectors easily without having to remove the terminal. The extension wire makes it easier to test in difficult to reach locations. The 490X contains eight extended electrical backprobes in four different colors. These backprobes are used to access electrical circuits from the back side of the connector. The extension wire allows the technician to access connectors that are tucked away, and makes testing connectors more convenient.

The review

Tom Karagianis owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, both tested out the tool.

He appreciated the far reach of the wires on the kit, and found he used the kit frequently for electrical repairs, including general electric testing, testing wiring harnesses, testing for electrical shorts, pin testing harnesses, and more.

"(The extension wires) are long enough and sharp enough for backprobing and testing. It’s a tool that you use every day when you’re working on electrical. We’ve been using that alot."

"The other kits we had, the wires are too short. When you’re working from the rear of the car to the front of the car, stuff’s not long enough," says Tom. "But these were plenty long enough for what we were using them for."

Tom found the tool very useful whenever completing electrical work.

"I would rate it a 10, because it’s one of the shop tools you grab all the time when you’re doing electrical work. Which we do here."