Show customers full tool demonstrations

Yul Brynner performed as the king in "The King and I" on Broadway over 7,000 times! Can you imagine demonstrating your screwdrivers or pliers 7,000 times?

Yet, each time he performed he gave the entire presentation. No matter how bored he became or how much he thought the audience already knew the play, he did it all and did his best each time.

How about you? Do you give your customer the complete performance (demonstration) each and every time? Do you get bored or think your customer already knows enough about the product and skip features or benefits? The very point that you think is unimportant or think the customer already knows about could easily be the one feature that they are looking for or the cool feature they didn't know about that would close the sale.

Think of your demonstrations as a performance and present the entire script ... Feature, Advantage, Benefit and Close.

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