Maintenance Quality Improvement

What it is and how to effectively mange it

1. Not allowing enough time for improvement because the changing of fundamental processes takes considerable time.

2. The supposition that solving problems with automation, gadgets and new machinery will transform a shop. “Maintenance problems are people problems,” he says. “The systems, attitudes and approaches are at issue.”

3. An emphasis on short-term profits and short-term thinking fed by compensation systems that focus exclusively on short-term performance.

4. The belief that an organization’s problems are different.

“Actually many shops’ problems are the same,” observes Levitt. “In my public trainings, maintenance managers in widely different industries, sizes and sophistication often marvel at the familiarity of their problems.”

5. Quality control has already installed.

“Quality is a way of life. It is a daily diet. You don’t install it once and forget about it. Instead, you become it.”

Additional details on maintenance quality improvement can be found in Levitt’s book, The Handbook of Maintenance Management, Second Edition.

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