In Focus: Alert Stamping 30 LED Retrofit Module

The Alert Stamping 30 LED Retrofit Module, No. RTL30, replaces inefficient incandescent light bulbs with highly efficient LEDs in worklights.

Features and benefits

The RTL30 helps technicians avoid burning their hands since LEDs operate cool and in any temperature. Unlike glass bulbs LEDs will not burn out or break, leaving sharp chards of glass. Diodes consume little energy and do not pollute landfills with mercury, as fluorescent lamps do.


US Congress mandated that due to inefficient electricity consumption, incandescent light bulbs cannot be manufactured during 2012. Alert designed and developed a low-cost, cutting edge solution. This product allows the end-user to continue using their Trouble Light while upgrading with a “Green Earth Friendly” solution available through their Mobile Distributor.



 This 120V module is made to Alert Stamping’s patented design specs in their China factory. The housing is extremely impact-resistant plastic and the lens material is shatter- and scratch-proof polycarbonate which will not yellow over time.

Selling points

  • Simple screw-in trouble light socket design.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Cool operation.
  • Bright 110 Lumen output.
  • Light head rotates.
  • Swivel hook.
  • Government compliant.
  • No mercury.

Storage and display

Clam shell packed with informative back-up card and graphics.

Suggested retail price


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