In Focus: RUPES SKORPIO Orbital Sanders

RUPES offers its SKORPIO line of random orbital sanders in the United States. Available in 12 models, with a full range of orbits from 3mm to 12mm, 125mm or 150mm size pads, and a range of 0-11,500 RPM, there is a SKORPIO model to meet any application need. The new noise suppressor guarantees the maximum comfort even in long use applications. SKORPIO achieved a low noise level of only 78 dB(A), with no affect on performance. Comes in central vacuum, self-generating vacuum and non-vacuum configurations.

Models available

No. RH153A

SKORPIO 3mm orbit is suitable for finishing applications done with abrasive grains between P320 and P3000. The reduced orbit, combined with high rpm and proper abrasive grain dimensions, will deliver a high quality finish, making painting easier and better looking.

No. RH 156A

SKORPIO 6mm orbit is the result of years of field experience by the RUPES R&D department. This orbit allows the best efficiency (time/result) in plaster smothering and paint removal without diminishing the final quality. 20 percent more efficiency compared to a traditional 5mm orbit. The suggested abrasive grains are between P100 and P320.

No. RH 159A

SKORPIO 9mm orbit satisfies the need of the end user to optimize working time. An aggressive tool that is fast but extremely lightweight and ergonomic for roughing applications, wide surfaces or material removal. The suggested abrasive grains are between P60 and P120.

No. RH 112A

SKORPIO 12mm orbit is the most powerful SKORPIO. Excellent tool for fast cutting. Aggressive performance but with low vibration, allows for accurate work control and reduced strain on the operator. This sander is recommended for coarse grain processing.


RUPES is an international leader in the professional tool market. Established in 1947, its R&D is driven by creativity and innovation. Its manufacturing philosophy is defined by exceptionally high quality. RUPES offers extensive product lines for sanding, polishing, and dust extraction.

RUPES is now bringing its engineering and industry expertise to the North American market, along with a product line that is best in quality and performance.


The SKORPIO line is designed and manufactured by RUPES in Vermezzo, Italy.

General Specifications for product line:

  • 0 – 11,500 RPM.
  • 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm orbits available.
  • Central vacuum, self-generating vacuum or non-vacuum configurations.
  • 125mm or 150mm back up pads.
  • Weight: 1.65 to 1.85 lbs.
  • Noise: 76 dB(A).
  • 90 psig.

Selling points

Patented Switch Lever

The new and unique ergonomic design, when pressed down, slides the switch lever fulcrum forward lifting the back, thus creating a stable and ergonomic support for the hand/arm system of the worker.

Service Key

Makes pad replacement for different applications or for daily maintenance very easy. Keeping your SKORPIO dust-free, will improve performance and product life.

Multi-stage Noise Suppressor 

The new noise suppressor guarantees the maximum comfort even in long use applications. SKORPIO achieved a low noise level of only 78 dB(A), with no effect on performance.

Slim, Multi-hole Pads

The new RUPES pad, with reduced height, allows you to reach small and tiny areas, while also increasing stability by lowering the tools’ center of mass.

Anti-spinning System

Due to the action of the rubber shroud, the free rotation of the pad is impossible, thus avoiding any possible risk of damage (scratches) when touching the working surface. The shroud also ensures more efficient dust extraction.

Self-injecting Engine

The new high-efficiency motor allows for a faster start and less stress on the components. The new motor delivers high torque and high performance even with larger orbits.

Double Bearing Dust Protection

Increased stability of the SKORPIO during operation and ensures the best protection in the long term, even in heavy duty applications.

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