Tool Review: Autoland Scientech DOL

The Autoland Scientech DOL (Diagnostic OnLine) is the first Internet-based diagnostic system for the aftermarket. The DOL supports more than 40 makes of vehicles and two levels of function. Level 1, the Sharp Version, allows users to read and clear fault codes and view the data stream from the engine and transmission as well as anti-lock brake and airbag systems. Level 2, the Professional Version, includes the ability to read and clear fault codes, as well as read data stream, on all systems. Both levels include the ability to reset oil change reminders.

The Review

Scott Weaver of Superior Auto Electric in Tulsa, OK, reviewed the DOL. The shop specializes in electrical and electronic repair and diagnostics, and Scott told us he gets a lot of work from local body shops.

He reported the tool is easy to use and works exactly as advertised. "It reads and clears codes and live data, and that's all it does, but on just about anything you'll ever see in the shop."

The DOL is basically an orange-and-black box with an OBD II connector and a dongle. Scott says he can plug it into the car, start the engine and then retreat to the warmth of his office. With the dongle plugged into a USB port on his computer, the computer will establish a Bluetooth link with the DOL, and communication begins (it can also be connected directly to the computer with a wire.) After completing the login to the Autoland Scientech website and answering a few prompts on the screen, the computer will choose the correct communication protocol and begin displaying the data collected by the DOL.

Scott had to call the company to get the login password, but he said "I was just a few minutes on the phone."

When asked if the tool does anything he can't do otherwise, Scott said it enabled him to access information that can normally only be gathered with a factory scan tool. "I don't work on many European models, but body shops have a lot of airbag issues and ABS issues. This tool reads all the control units on the vehicle."

Scott pointed out that it's not a scan tool, just a code reader. But he said if that's all you're looking for, the DOL can save time because it's so simple. "I'll use this tool first, and I have lots of scan tools. There are no special cards or adapters to lose or search for, just the one OBD II connector … the set-up is simplified, so even a body shop guy who might be unfamiliar with OBD II can still use it. Never once did I have to enter a vehicle ID. If it says Ford, you choose Ford on the screen and everything else is done automatic by the software."

Scott bought his DOL last year and feels the tool is priced correctly even with the yearly update fee. With oil life reset and data stream features, it covers a lot of what he uses a scan tool to do. He described it as "impressive."