Tool Review: Impact Absorbents XSORB Vehicle Spill Kit

The Impact Absorbents' XSORB Outdoor Universal Spill Kit, No. XK300DA, helps to protect employees and customers from slip-and-fall accidents. With an XSORB Spill Kit, shops are prepared to immediately deal with leaks, drips and spills. Spill Kits can also be used as a preventative measure for possible discharge from equipment or inclement weather.

XSORB is a dry particulate absorbent that is sprinkled on top of spills, both oil- or water-based. Once absorbed, the formula is swept up and disposed of. With XSORB, debris such as glass or other hazardous materials do not have to be handled.

The review

Lou Fort, owner of K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, Ind. used the XSORB Vehicle Spill Kit at his shop, and found it economical, as well as quick and easy to use. 

"I couldn’t find a faster, better, safer way to clean up a spill."

Lou liked having a kit that contained everything necessary for cleaning up a spill. He found the kit safe and easy to use and dispose of hazardous material.

"This one kit can clean up a five-gallon spill and keep it safely stored in a six-gallon sealed container, properly marked for proper disposal at an economical price."

Users may want to have two other items on hand when using this kit: a broom with pan to sweep up the absorbent powder, and a permanent marker. Lou suggested the company could also consider adding these items to an updated version of the kit.

"Having (a permanent marker) included would be the most one could do to ensure the Haz Mat labels are filled out and placed on the container properly," he says. "We all know what happens as time passes." 

Lou did his research and said he would use the XSORB kits again, as well as try out other products from Impact Absorbents.

“Having taken the time to educate myself on available absorbents and their cost of use I would buy more of these kits.”