In Focus: Hickok Diesel Fuel Injection Tester

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The Hickok Diesel Fuel Injection Tester (DFIT), No. WAE45468, can electronically test and diagnose GM Duramax diesel injection systems electronically in 15 minutes, or less. This factory-level tool works on 2001-2010 model years to check pumps, regulators, injectors and fuel flow/return, without opening the system.

Previously available only to OEs, aftermarket technicians can now repair vehicles that previously had to go back to dealers for repair. This tool can also be utilized by dealerships as a cost-effective solution in place of high-cost OEM tools that may not see enough service to justify the cost to the dealer.


This tool is an offshoot of the OEM AFIT test systems designed by Hickok for use by General Motors (GM) dealers, and the Duramax Diesel engine family is widely used by GM in their light and medium duty truck lines. 
This tool is the only tool of its type available to the aftermarket. This sets the item and the manufacturer apart and in a class of their own, in terms of being able to provide solutions to the professional technician.

Distributors that support and sell this product will be supporting the professional technician with a tool only available previously as a dealer.



The product is a global product comprised of components from several countries. Like most electronic products, this is facilitated by finding the highest quality products regardless of country of origin.

The product is comprised of a combination of plastics, steel and electronic components. The outer case is made of extremely strong, impact-resistant resins designed to function in demanding underhood conditions. The product is oil- and solvent-resistant.


Selling points

  • Complete testing process takes about 10 minutes, including hookup.
  • Displays injector fuel consumption balance.
  • Tests high pressure pump and verifies low pressure pump.
  • Tests for excessive fuel rail / injector leakage.
  • Test no-start conditions or driveability.
  • No engine disassembly or high pressures.
  • Works on warm or cold engines.
  • Internet software downloads for added coverage.

The DFIT comes in a custom fitted case with space to hold the unit as well as connectors, cables and manuals.


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