Big-Time Boxes: Miguel Padilla

Miguel Padilla is a Master Tech at Pep Boys in Plantation Florida, one of the sunniest parts of the state.

Miguel began building his toolbox in late 2006 and says he’s only half-way done. He started by buying a 76" Triple Bay Rollaway from Matco Tools distributor Nick Sunberg, in black and silver with blue anodized trim and a stainless steel top. After Nick’s father, Andy, took over Miguel’s account in 2007, he added a hutch on top of the rollaway, with matching stainless steel walls. In 2010 he added two 27" 6-series side lockers, and just last year he upgraded to the 8" spring loaded casters.

Future plans include a horizontal top locker and, maybe (if the missus allows), a matching full-drawer single bay between the main rollaway and side locker. For now he says his favorite tool is his new Snap-on Verdict, "a great addition to my arsenal of diagnostic tools."

Miguel says he reads each issue of Professional Tool & Equipment News magazine starting at the back, and decided to send us pictures hoping to see his own box on this page one day. It’s a beauty, Miguel; thanks for showing us what ya got.