Make a wish list

Keeping your wish lists up-to-date is as crucial as carrying in a tool bag or carrying in your fliers. With the average top-tier dealer seeing over 300 customers a week, keeping track of a customer’s wants and needs requires keeping a detailed, current wish list for every customer.

Phil Sasso talked with Don Russell, Digital Marketing Manager at Cornwell Tools, to discuss the benefits of handouts to customers.

"There is no way that a human being is going to remember what every guy wants," says Russell. "If he doesn’t write it down or put it into his [wish list] program to be prompted when he comes to that stop next week, that opportunity is going to pass him by."

According to Russell, the killer combo in tool marketing is to: "maintain your wish list, carry in tools, and distribute your fliers and literature. If you do those three things consistently, it’s really hard to see how you’re not going to be successful at selling tools."

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