Dealing with stealing customers

By selecting your customers and reading them, you can avoid having skips. As a salesman, you learn to trust your judgment.

But, even screening cannot ensure every customer is perfect.

"I once caught a guy stealing out of my truck," J.R. said. "Instead of yelling about it, I went to him very calmly, put my hand on his shoulder, looked him straight in the eye and asked him, 'Have I ever failed you? Because if I have ever failed you, I want you to tell me.' "

The customer paid in full for the stolen product.

"One day I met the customer again and I said, 'Forget the past.' To this day, he's one of my best customers." J.R. credits that continuing positive relationship to his being calm with the customer and giving him the opportunity to do the right thing, and the following forgiveness of the episode.

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