Tool Review: K&E Tools TurboPact Impact Ratchet

K&E Tools' TurboPact 3/8"-drive Mini ReactionFree Impact Ratchet, No. KE-1150, hits 500 RPM and is rated at 50 ft/lbs of max torque eliminating the need for final hand tightening. The built-in regulator helps to control the amount of torque needed on sensitive applications. The mini size and patented ReactionFree impacting mechanism make the tool optimum for under dashboards and other confined areas.

The review

Lou Fort, owner of K.A.R.S. Inc., tried out the KE-1150 at his shop in Huntingburg, IN. 

Along with the small size and quick speed of this impact ratchet, Lou appreciated the reaction-free feature.

"The reaction-free impact mechanism, it is so nice not having to worry about busting open a knuckle when using this ratchet."

"K&E also put an adjustable power valve in the ratchet for when you still want some speed but not so much the power."

Although not recommended by Professional Tool & Equipment News, Lou did his own tests to see how much more torque he could get out of the KE-1150.

"They claim it has a max torque of 50 ft.lbs. with a working torque of 30 ft.lbs. A little fun latter with a torque wrench and the K&E 1150 I can tell you that 35 was its max loosening power with 175 psi. shop air and it’s only rated/recommended  at 90 psi. Tightening torque did a tad better coming in closer to 40 on average. So why say it has 50 max instead of telling us it’s average working torque? Remember my results were with 175 psi. and not the 90 psi. that is recommended."

Overall, Lou was pleased with the K&E Tools' TurboPact.

"The KE-1150s small size, amazing speed and reasonable noise level make it a nice tool to have when working in tight spots."

"When used properly any air tool saves time, but when you use one like the KE-1150 that runs twice to three times the speed of your average air tool the savings adds up."