In Focus: General Technologies TA500 Coil-on-Plug Tester

The General Technologies TA500 Coil-on-Plug Tester is a new and unique tool that allows technicians to detect and diagnose non-starts, misfires, defective coils, fouled or damaged spark plugs and or spark plug wires without the need to have special adapters, cables or a scope.

Technicians have had and are still having great difficulty in diagnosing Coil on plug and coil near plug systems as some of the waveforms generated on a scope are extremely difficult if not impossible to interpret.  The TA500 solves this problem and reduces diagnostic time by its ability to work on any type of ignition system. It gives the technician the two most important pieces of information needed when diagnosing coil on plugs: Is there a spark? And what is the spark burn time for each cylinder?

Features and benefits

Special COP mode: New and unique technology for testing coil on plug and coil near plug systems produces consistent and reliable results without the need for special adapters, cables and/or a scope.

How it works: By comparing digital read-outs of the spark plug voltage and spark burn time between cylinders. It not only confirms the cylinder has a spark but it also displays the spark burn time in real time allowing for quick and easy diagnostics.

What engine will the TA500 work on: On any engine using coil on plug, coil near plug, conventional distributor/ignition coil, DIS (distributor-less) or waste spark and magneto technologies.

The TA500 provides quick and easy diagnostics of non-starts, misfires, defective coils, fouled spark plugs and damaged spark plug wires. This system measures and displays spark plug voltage, spark burn time, RPM and maximum/minimum readings for each setting, in real-time. 

To use, select the ignition system: Spark Plug Wire or Coil on plug. Select the number of cylinders. Place the capacitive sensor (Yellow tip on tool) on top of the spark plug wire or ignition module. Read spark burn time, spark KV and RPM in real time on the LCD display.


The idea came about as a result of the difficulties and time consuming efforts in diagnosing a coil on plug using a scope or other available tools (Which do not really work). The TA500 coil on plug tester requires no special adaptor or set-up for testing. It can very easily, accurately and quickly diagnose the problem with coil on plug on any engine.

A very useful product which will give distributors an edge when offering state of the art tools to customers.

Simple to use, the TA500 requires no special adapters, cables or a scope and is equipped with a large digital display that shows spark plug voltage, spark burn time, RPM, as well as Min/Max readings in real time.


The Product is manufactured at the GTC plant in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Tachometer Range: 200 to 19,999 RPM.
  • Cycles: 2 and 4 Cycles, and DIS.
  • Tachometer accuracy:  ± 0.5 percent + 1 LSB.
  • Response time: 0.3 seconds.
  • Ignition peak voltage range: 0 to 49.9 KV.
  • Probe: 12" (30 cm) flexible probe with capacitive pick-up.
  • Secondary ignition pick up: Capacitive sensor.
  • Spark ignition system: Coil on Plug, Coil near Plug, Distributor, Magneto and D.I.S.(distributor-less or waste spark ignition system).
  • Power source: One standard 9V alkaline battery.
  • Battery life: Approximately 20 hours of operation.
  • Power savings: Auto power-off after approximately 3 minutes of inactivity.
  • Physical dimensions :  6.1" (H) x 4" (W) x 1.5" (D) (155 x 102 X 38 mm) - including holster but excluding antenna
  • Weight: Approximately 12.4 oz, including battery.

Selling points

  • Ease of use.
  • Quick and accurate diagnostics.
  • Works on any engine.

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