What is NASTF?

In 1990, the Clean Air Act was amended with language aimed at making it possible for automotive technicians to properly repair any malfunction that increases emissions. Among other things, the law resulted in a standardized OBDII connector, standardized...


The system is proving to be highly successful, and is a testament to the power of cooperation among a diverse group of industry elements whose common goal is to serve the motoring public.


The increasing complexity of vehicles, driven by government regulations and by consumer demand for luxury and convenience features, will likely result in even greater need for industry cooperation. NASTF was born out of that necessity and is poised to evolve accordingly.


NASTF has demonstrated that by working together, the industry can resolve issues related to automotive service information. Anyone who has an interest in being a part of that effort, or in simply keeping abreast of the activities of the organization, is encouraged to visit the website, www.nastf.org  or sign up for the NASTF e-news at www.nastfenews.org





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