Tool Review: Autodata Battery Replacement Reset Procedures Manual

The Autodata Battery Replacement Reset Procedures Manual offers reset procedures for vehicle electrical and electronic systems. This manual includes fully illustrated hood and trunk release methods and covers battery access and service locations, disconnect precautions, power windows, locks and sunroof programming, supplemental restraint, ABS system precautions, engine and body control system resetting. Also available on CD, this information covers domestic and import vehicles from 2000-2010.

The review

Lou Fort, owner of K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, Ind., had his shop use the Autodata 2011 Battery Reset Manual and CDs.

"The book is well laid out, the table of context (index) gets you to the information quickly, as do the discs," says Lou.

"Having the ‘Last 20’ button in the software made it nice when I had to go back to information I had looked up a few days before."

Lou had some difficulty with the disc registration process because registration was limited to business hours, Monday through Friday. 

Once up and running, Lou found the online information and diagrams thorough and easily accessible.

"In the (Autodata) ‘grounds’ diagram, they tell everything on each ground and the ground's location," says Lou. "They also do this for power (circuits) with a power distribution tab.

"Having both the 'Power Distribution' and 'Ground' tabs can save a lot of time searching for all the information I was looking for."

Lou liked the ability to take notes on the battery replacement reference software, and recommended including a note-keeping feature in the diagram software as well.

Lou also liked having a hard copy of the manual. "I don’t have to worry about the Internet going down or having a subscription lapse. Once purchased its mine to use forever."

Overall, he found the information provided very useful. 

"The battery replacement information is a nice fast reference of the do's and don’ts when servicing a modern vehicle where you have to disconnect the battery. Finding all the information needed for what to do before/after battery service can be quite time-consuming. Having it all laid out in one place is very handy."