Tool Review: Blue Devil Products Oil Stop Leak

Blue Devil Products Oil Stop Leak permanently seals oil leaks in gasoline or diesel engines. It is non-clogging and will not harm an engine. It restores and rejuvenates dried, cracked and hardened rubber seals to "like-new" condition. Safe and easy to use, one 8-oz bottle treats four to six quarts. 

The review

Lou Fort, owner of K.A.R.S. Inc., in Huntingburg, Ind., tried out the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak.

"It is as easy as adding a quart of oil," says Lou.

Lou had previous experience using Blue Devil Products (previously USA Sealants and Universal Products) with good results, and said he would continue to use them, after reviewing Oil Stop Leak. 

"It is like having an emergency room in a bottle for equipment," says Lou.

Lou explained he first tries to repair the leak by replacing parts, including seals or gaskets. If this doesn't work, or proves too expensive, he considers using products like Oil Stop Leak.

"USA Products are a great emergency repair option," says Lou. "Stocking just a few of the different stop leaks they offer may very well make a world of difference for the unlucky traveler being able to make it to their destination."

In addition to automotive repairs, Lou tested out the Stop Oil Leak on his own equipment.

"I own a very old Brush Hog Mower that would leak all the oil (two quarts worth of 80W90) from its gearbox in under an hour," says Lou. "I know that a new seal wouldn’t have done much good with out either replacing/repairing the main shaft.

"Just a half bottle of Oil Stop Leak and three quarts gear lube later, the leak is no more. The Brush Hog has yet to lose a drop since the Stop Leak stopped the leak."