Maintenance Outsourcing

Programs can be tailored to meet specific vehicle maintenance needs

“It is also important to evaluate the certifications of the company’s staff,” he notes. “Knowing that the employees you will be relying on are ASE Certified or hold other types of maintenance certification recognized by the industry is an imperative element of our decision-making process.”

4. Does the organization understand our needs and our goals for success?

As many businesses and organizations are being affected by the current economy, the need to get an optimum return on investment has never been more important, observes Rencher. The hardest part is working with a reduced budget and providing quality service.

“When deciding the right company for a service maintenance provider, it is important to make sure the company understands our needs and the goals we intend to reach while in this partnership.

“Any organization going through a bid process should understand that when deciding on a service maintenance provider with responsibility to maintain a modern fleet, the company chosen will be with you for an extended period of time,” he points out. “It is important to search through bids for a company that can help you grow, and one that you can build a strong relationship with throughout the length of your contract.


This past October, the City of Fort Lauderdale Fleet Services department celebrated its 30-year anniversary with First Vehicle Services, a division of FirstGroup America, as its outside vehicle maintenance provider.

First Vehicle Services is a leading provider of contract fleet maintenance and management services in the U.S. FirstGroup America is the leader in safe, reliable, sustainable transportation, and the largest provider of surface transportation services in North America.

In 1981, Fleet Services decided to outsource its fleet services in order to gain cost effectiveness and to improve the quality of vehicle repairs.

In the 30-year timeframe, Fleet Services has seen numerous bids seeking the opportunity to manage our fleet maintenance,” says Rencher. “First Vehicle Services has continued to meet, and exceed, the qualifications that we look for when reviewing a bid.

“They excel in communication, not only with our organization, but with their employees as well. Their staffs’ knowledge of important industry news and standards has been a great benefit to our organization, and is something we believe very highly in.

“Trust and communication can go a long way in this industry, and should be an integral part of any organizations relationship to become successful,” he concludes.

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