Use Google to find potential customers

Ever wonder if you have called on every potential customer on your route? Have you ever taken the time to “Google” the area you work to see if there are any missed opportunities?

Every day that I come into work I am looking for new business. In my case, I use internet sites like Google to do small business searches in the area I plan to prospect. I find hundreds of quality leads every day that already buy the tools I am selling. Then I call them, introduce myself and focus on building my relationship.

I have a customer in south Florida that calls on many off-the-wall customers and makes a killing in the process. He calls on everyone from body shops to kitchen cabinet manufacturers for one simple reason: they all need tools.

Like a patio furniture manufacturer in south Florida. You would never believe that they buy hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to do what they do everyday, and they buy less than 10 different SKUs.

Think about golf courses, they have a repair area where they are repairing anything from commercial lawn equipment to golf carts. These companies have to buy tools, and most likely they are buying them from the local auto parts store, DIY big box store, or on the Internet, simply because no one calls on them.

With a little research and a lot of prospecting you may be able to uncover hundreds of new potential customers on your route. You know they are out there, you just have to find them and do what you do best: Sell them on your service!

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