Quality over quantity, Part II

Last week, Knipex President Alan Sipe suggested selling to quality customers, instead of always focusing on meeting a quota on the number of customers you call on.

A fellow distributor brought up a few of his own concerns on which school of thought pays off more. 

Matco Tools distributor Don Stout says:

I agree with the comment about not being so concerned with making each stop that you forget to sell.  That creates the question:  How full should you day be scheduled?  Or, how much free time in between stops? 

Last week I hit my first stop at 6:30 AM catching a 3rd shift before they went home and then the first shift as they started.  Before leaving that shop, my first of the day, I was already an hour behind. Because that day is loaded until about 7 PM I never did catch up. 

If my day is loaded and I miss stops I end up being inconsistent.  If I work to see each stop, am I selling all that I can?

It's important to find a balance between staying consistent with customer stops each week, and using your time efficiently.

How do you do it? Share your comments below.

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