In Focus: Blair Enforcer Spotweld Drill

The Blair Enforcer Spotweld Drill can remove spotwelds in seconds on all types of metals. With a lower drill bit speed of 800 RPM it is more effective on today’s ultra-high strength steels and Boron materials. The manual feed leverage handle feeds the drill bit into and through the spotweld. This manual operation maximizes drill bit torque with no reduction in air flow and improves spotweld removal rates.

Features and benefits

The drill bit penetration is adjustable for exact depths ensuring only one panel is drilled through, resulting in no damage to the underlying panel. The two included swivel clamps allows access to most every spotweld on the vehicle and can be quickly removed. The built in comfort grip reduces operator fatigue and ensures a solid grasp even in slippery conditions. Set includes:

  • Two 360-degree swivel frame clamps (2-5/16” & 5-5/8” depth).
  • One 8mm triple fluted solid carbide spotweld cutter.
  • Custom molded storage case.
  • Four sizes of solid carbide spotweld cutters are available from 6.5mm to 12mm to fit spotwelds on both cars and trucks.


Boron spotwelds have long been a challenge in collision repairs and with the harder materials being used more and more in today’s vehicles, the Enforcer Spotweld Drill was developed to reduce the effort and time required to repair a car.


  • Cutter RPM: 800.
  • Air Pressure 90 psi.
  • Air Consumption: 4 CFM.
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Noise Level: 84 dB.
  • Length: 13-15/16”.
  • Width: 9-1/4”.
  • Depth: 2”.

Selling points

One of the top selling points for the Enforcer is that all the air power is being used to turn the drill bit. This allows the user to aggressively feed the drill bit for faster spotweld removal and to stay ahead of any work hardening on the Boron. With all the air power used to turn the drill bit, the tool produces higher torque. This results in more effectively removing the spotweld by maintaining the correct RPM, which increases drill bit tool life and reduces heat. Competitive models with higher RPM generate more heat. Their air power is used to both feed the drill bit and to turn it, which dramatically reduces the torque.

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