Quality over quantity?

The story goes that a sales manager developed a new plan and told his sales people that they had to make 20 stops each day…no matter what. 

Nightly, he would ask each salesperson how many calls he made that day and if they hadn’t made 20 stops he would get "all over them" about it.

He never asked how their sales were because he was convinced that the more stops his people made the more sales they would get. Behind his back the sales people would tell jokes about driving down the street and throwing catalogs out the window in front of a business just to get in their daily stops.  

Finally, one afternoon while the sales manager was getting "all over" one of the new sales people, he asked “Why did you only make 18 stops today? You are supposed to make 20!”

The new salesperson replied that at one of the stops someone asked him if he could buy some of his products and it took time to write up the order.

How about you? Are you so dedicated to passing out your weekly fliers and making all your stops  each day that you forget your real reason for making that stop is to … SELLING SOMETHING!

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