Tool Review: Thexton Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor

Due to a change from mechanical to electronic parts in automotive vehicles since 2005, the drive-by-wire system has been installed in virtually all vehicles. Thexton offers the Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor, No. 592, that utilizes a telescoping feature to adjust the tool up to 3’ in length. Once the tool has been adjusted to fit the steering wheel and the pedal, the user can rotate the knob located at the top of the tool to make the most finite adjustments to get engine RPM levels at the desired setting. This tool works well for adjusting the RPM level for tune-ups, cylinder balance tests and A/C work.

The review

Lou Fort, lead technician at Huntingburg, IN-based K.A.R.S. Inc., tested the Infinite Adjustment Throttle Depressor. 

"I love the concept, and I think there is a growing need for this type of tool," Lou says. "There are more and more procedures I find myself doing that require a steady RPM but no throttle linkage to work with. Short of using a brick tossed on the accelerator, one finds themselves doing all kinds of things to hold a steady and safe elevated RPM. Some work, most don’t."

Lou found the tool useful, after he made some slight modifications to it.

Altough the tool did have a "toothy foot," Lou says he had some some difficulty keeping the foot on the pedal. "I took a 3/4" gasket punch to a piece of 80-grit sandpaper and glued it to the foot."

The other adjustment Lou made was adding a Velcro strap to the wheel hook, because the wheel hook had a tendency to slide.

"Once I made a few simple modifications, it worked great. It was fast to get in place and easy to adjust the throttle safely to whatever my target RPM was."