Tool Review: Blair Enforcer Spotweld Drill

The pneumatic-powered Enforcer Spotweld Drill, No. 11300, from Blair Equipment Co., removes spotwelds in seconds with minimal effort. This spotweld drill features a lower drill bit speed of 800 rpm, and offers manual operation to feed the spotweld cutter into and through the spotweld, maximizing drill bit torque with no reduction in air flow and improving spotweld removal rates. This tool includes one 8mm Blair solid carbide triple fluted drill bit, two steady frame C-Clamps which swivel 360 degrees (one for panel depths of 2-5/16” and one for 5-5/8”) and a custom molded storage case.

The Review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, IN, tried out the Blair Enforcer Spotweld Drill with his body shop crew. 

"The Enforcer is hands-down the fastest, easiest and sure-fire way to drill a spotweld," Lou says. "(because you're) not having to center punch every weld like you need to with say, any of the other types of cutters."

Lou's one recommendation for improvement was to include more sizes of bits for drilling.

"I think they should have included one each of the other three sizes of cutters; a 6.5mm, 10mm and 12mm."

Speed, control and accuracy were at the top of Lou's list for benefits of the Enforcer.

"The speed at which I was able to cut out welds was incredible," Lou says. "(And) not having to worry about starting the cut and having the bit walk off was a treat."

Lou felt comfortable using the Enforcer because he had so much control over the tool, even with the amount of power it offered.

"When I used the Enforcer drill without one of the clamps it came with, I didn’t center punch and didn’t feel like the cutter tried to walk off target once," Lou says.

Also, comparing it to other spotweld drills, he appreciated the accuracy of the tool. "While there didn’t seem to be anything special about the depth of cut adjustment, it is good to know it will only drill as deep as you set it up to drill, unlike other styles."