Unused software

It’s found money and a help with CSA compliance

In some cases it may mean starting over. In other cases it may simply mean getting your program updated to the latest version and providing training for your staff. Every case is different.

While starting over may sound onerous, we have found it is sometimes better than moving forward using a poorly implemented program with corrupted and incomplete data. That would only make things worse, especially when the application is used to make fleet decisions.

Remember in software GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) still applies.

Success Keys

Critical to the quality of any fleet database is the amount of training you provide to your operating staff.

We suggest that you have several people thoroughly trained. This insures wider buy-in by your staff, increasing use of the system and the information it produces.

Further, your program will not be held hostage by a single trained employee’s job performance or continuing employment.

Once your program is updated, redeployed and your staff trained, make a point to budget for future program updates and annual support services. This will maintain the value of your software investment and increase its long-term utilization.

Your end users will have the confidence of knowing that they have a modern system with access to experts should they need them.

So, be honest. Which group of software users does your fleet fall into?

Charles Arsenault is the chief executive officer of Arsenault Associates. Based in Burlington, NJ, the company is a recognized pioneer and prominent national player in the fleet maintenance management software industry. Its Dossier software is available in a variety of editions to meet the many varying needs of different fleets.

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