Repair tools right on the truck

If there’s a problem with a tool Cornwell tool dealer Joe Gruba, of Portland, Ore., has sold, he does his best to make sure the technician does not have to spend time without it. When possible, Joe will repair a tool right there on the truck so his customer doesn’t have to wait for shipping. He’s often successful, particularly with air tools and flashlights, because he stocks a few basic spare parts.

“It's easy to put lenses in, or switches. One of a technician's biggest assets is their pocket screwdriver and a flashlight. They're lost without their pocket flashlight.”

When field repairs are not possible, Joe does his best to make sure his customer is able to keep working. “If I have to bite the bullet and take a new air tool off the shelf to give to him to use…that's the way it needs to be. It goes back to how I wanted to be treated when I was a technician.”

Look for the complete story about Joe Gruba’s business, in the January/February issue of Professional Distributor magazine.

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