Are you delivering the mail or takin' home the bacon?

The Mobile Jobber Mailman hops off his truck with a piece of mail (a.k.a. the monthly flyer) for each technician and delivers properly to each workstation with a wave and a pleasant weather forecast, a joke or maybe a recent football score.

On the second trip around the shop the mailman will ask, do you see anything in the new flyer you need?

In most cases the customer will say no and the mailman will move on to deliver the news somewhere else.

The Mobile Jobber Salesman will stop at each workstation and point out something in the flyer and make it sound like he was thinking about that individual mechanic.

“Look on page 3 Mr. Customer. That new XYZ tool would really help out when you working on (insert repair here).” “Let’s go out to my truck and I’ll show it to you."

When that technician has taken his first step toward your truck he has already mentally purchased that new tool.

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