First, find your prospect.

Matco distributor John Wolfe, from Plainfield, Ill., has been the #1 dealer for Matco three years in a row. He's done this by focusing on selling a lot of toolboxes, and attributed that success to good prospecting.

“Everything begins with finding a prospect," John said. "If you don't find a prospect, you're not going to be able to do two things: make a presentation, or close a sale.”

John described prospecting as “not talking yourself out of talking to someone about a toolbox.”

He said it’s easy to tell yourself that a prospective customer “doesn't want one or need one, or he's been crying about money anyhow.” Instead, John says “Just bring it up. You have to.”

Find out more about John's business in the March 2011 issue of Professional Distributor.

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