Treat the purchase as personal, and get your customer to say 'yes.'

Think back to the important events in your life: Asking you wife to marry you, buying a new car or better yet a new motorcycle, closing on your house or evening closing on the purchase of your business.

All unique events with one similarity. These events most probably happened in a private one-on-one, or a very small group.

Presenting the features and closing the deal on a $10 to $15,000 tool storage unit should be no different.

This discussion should take place in your truck with the door closed, or maybe at the local coffee shop before the prospects day starts. You don’t want the world to know your business when you’re discussing money -- and your prospect doesn’t either.

Remember in a private one-to-one sales discussion you can talk openly and honestly with a prospect who is at ease and ready to say yes.

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