Keep track of customer purchases to increase future sales.

If you use a store loyalty card when you buy groceries, like it or not, your grocery store is keeping track of your every purchase.

If you purchase 14 cans of dog food you will probably receive a coupon for dog food on your register receipt if you shop there 13 days later. If you purchase a 90-day supply of rock salt for your water softener you will probably get a coupon on your register receipt, or maybe even in the mail, in about 80 days.

These expert marketers try to remind you what you need to buy just before you need it, especially if your make periodic purchases of the same items.

How about you?

If you sell a customer hand wipes do you remind him to buy more the next month? How about coffee, how about beef jerky? All these items add up to serviced customers, increased sales and increased profits.

Five minutes of keeping track will pay you a nice reward!

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