I don’t get any calls for that

I recently had the opportunity to work three major mobile jobber trade shows, and picked up on something that was said to me several times at each event.

While presenting a new tool idea the mobile jobber prospect said to me… "I don’t get any calls for that!"

Did Wilber on Orville get any calls for an airplane? Did Edison get any calls for the telephone (nice pun isn’t it)? Did Snuggie get a call for a blanket with sleeves? NO.

When you see a product that you think is a winner, don’t just blow it off since no one ever asked for it. Go out there and say to your customers: “Hey Joe I just found this new tool that I think you might find useful. Let me show it to you.”

Several good thinks might happen: Joe will know you are the person who brings him new ideas. Joe will get a new tool that helps him do his job better or faster. And just maybe, you will make a little more money.

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