Be a proactive seller

Here are some sales strategies that have helped Paul DePies take his business to the next level in terms of sales, collections and customer service.

"When I walk into a shop, I look as much at what's not there, (compared to) what is there. This can be as simple as a missing caster on a drip bucket. It all comes down to showing people that you're going to take care of them."

"You have to be proactive in selling. Don't just rely on the relationship."

"I buy in larger quantities when things go on special, and really take advantage of sales."

"My Golden Rule: Always carry something into the shop."

"Find the guy who isn't buying from you and start creating a wish list. Then work to keep that updated every week. Eventually you'll catch him at the right time."

"Nothing is purchased until it's paid for. That's why I work hard with my guys to increase either the amount or frequency of a customer's payment.

"Your word is everything. If you say something, you better do it. If you say you'll be there at a set time every week, be there. If you can't make it, or are running behind, call ahead."

"I really work to stay up to date with what's new. I'll order a new product as soon as I see it, and then figure out how to use it and the best way to sell it. I think that's one of the reason's we've been so successful. I take the time to train my guys on how to sell new products, and reinforce how important they are."

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