Who makes the decisions around here?

Do you have a dealership or large shop that needs a new piece of major equipment? And they know they need it, and you have the perfect thing for them, but... you just can’t close the sale?

Sometimes the person you are talking to, maybe the Service Manager or General Manager, just won’t seem to pull the trigger, no matter what you do or say.

Here’s an easy and gracious way to give your contact an out and give you an in if in reality your contact cannot make this major decision.

The next time you call on that shop bring in some new piece of information. It doesn’t matter what it is. You just need something to talk to your contact about.

Just after you start the conversation say this exact sentence: “Mr. (insert service manager's name), is there anyone else here at the shop who you think would be interested in seeing this information and might help in this decision-making process?”

This sentence will give your contact a gracious out if he is not Mr. "Right" (a.k.a. the decision maker). Often times you will get the response of “Well, as long and you are here we might want to show this to Mr. (decision maker).” Immediately, you've found out the person you need to talk to.

However, if your contact says “No. Nobody else needs to help with this decision.”

Then you need to get on you selling hat and close a little harder!

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