Not selling new products? Then don't hide them!

Whenever you buy something new for yourself -- like a gun, fishing rod, motorcycle or big screen TV -- what do you do? You show it off to your friends and relatives!

So why on earth do so many mobile jobbers buy a new product from one of their suppliers and then neatly tuck it in some obscure corner of their truck in hopes that someone will someday find it?

Now, add that to the fact that the most common question you receive each day is “Hi Joe. What’s new?”

Here are two sales building ideas:

Get some bright colored “New” stickers and stick them on any item that is 90 days old or less. You can get these at any Staples or Office Depot.

A better idea is to devote a section of one of your shelves to only new items. Put a nice bright "NEW" sign in this area and get those new products rolling. (Print your own "New" stickers by clicking on the link to the right of this article.)

I guarantee that every technician who walks on your truck will look in that area before they go back to work!

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