Reduce the difference between a good tool and a great tool down to a small number

Here's a slick little sales tool to help you step the customer up to a better quality and more expensive tool.

Let’s say the lesser quality pliers sell for $40. And the exceptional quality pliers sell for $55… that's 37 percent more.

When your customer says “Wow, that’s expensive,” don’t disagree. Simply say, "Sure it’s $15 more, but it is the best. And, you know your only talking about 50 cents a day for a month on a tool that will last a lifetime."

NOW CLOSE THE SALE…”I really think you will be happier in the long run with the better tool, Don”t you agree?”

Now be quiet, no matter how long it takes and let the customer have time to think and agree.

If you reduce the difference in cost between a good tool and a great tool down to a small number, many times your customer will agree that the better tool is the better choice for him.

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