First impressions are important

Where do you keep your broken and warranty tools?

The other day I see a (insert your brand here) mobile truck at the local Cassidy Tire store and figured I would see if this mobile jobber was stocking enough of my products. (There is always room for one more pliers).

As I am climbing the steps into the truck the first thing I see on the floor near the counter is a cardboard box with the word "DEFECTIVE" in big, bold letters with a bunch of broken tools in it.

So my first impression of this mobile distributor company is that they have lots of "DEFECTIVE" tools!

Is this the image you work so hard to create? Sure everybody has some broken tools, but to have that as the first thing a customer sees climbing the steps seems like a less than perfect idea.

Take off your owner’s hat, pretend you are a customer. What could you do to improve your trucks first impression?

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