Get off the beaten path to find new customers

MAC Tools distributor Mike Hess doesn't always look in the normal places for all of his customers.

About one third of Mike’s route consists of stops in the farm country of Lebanon County, PA (east of Harrisburg), mostly shops that no other distributors visit.

Some of those customers he sees only twice a month, like a school bus fleet operator, a small excavation business, a classic car restoration shop and a few others who are far enough off the beaten path that no other distributors have bothered to look for them. He found these shops just by “driving along, always on the lookout for opportunities.”

Opportunities are definitely there. Even though more windshield time is required to see these customers, Mike gets all of their tool business, and he knows the time-to-dollar ratio is in his favor.

Find out more about how Mike runs his tool truck in the May 2011 cover story of Professional Distributor, or online by clicking here.

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