Sit down and brainstorm

One of the current business sayings is to “think outside the box,” which simply means “let’s think of something new."

How about you? Have you ever sat down, uninterrupted, with an open mind and thought about ways to grow your business?

Where can I find some additional customers? Where are some new opportunities other than an automotive repair shop?

Many companies with field sales organizations require their sales people to spend 10-15 percent of their time each week looking for new business. How much time do you invest in this business growing practice?

Here a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Call on that garage that previously had only two mechanics… they may now have more.
  • Eat your lunch in the parking lot of that large construction project with your door open so they know you are open for business.
  • Are you calling on the aviation FBO’s in your area? Factories? Trade Schools?

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