(Customer satisfaction) survey says...

Surveys are a big thing for big business. It helps them keep tabs on their systems and staff performance. It can be just as helpful to you as a dealer.

Done well, a survey can help you see your blind spots, improve your business, and be a lot more profitable. Good feedback can help you create satisfied, loyal customers and put a lot more cash in your pocket.

What can you do to get this feedback? Create a very short survey that focuses on just one question: "How likely are you refer me to a friend?" The answer to that single question is the proven key to growth and profits according to Frederick F. Reichheld author of The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth.

For more tips on how to conduct your own customer satisfaction survey, read Phil Sasso's May 2011 Sales Q&A column, in the May 2011 issue of Professional Distributor, or by clicking here.

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