When promoting new items, less is more

The new product offering from vendors these days seems bigger and better than ever, but is it too much?

I always have dealers who ask “What’s new?” and I reply with a minimum number of choices on what I believe are going to be the hottest sellers. You should do the same on the street.

If I were to pitch every single, brand new exclusive socket adapter or wrench that we had I would not have half the success I experience today. When promoting new items, most of the time less is more. We often forget that our business is vastly made up of spontaneous purchases.

Here's an example:

A tech comes on the truck to make a payment, sees something cool and buys it. If you have a barrage of new items and the tech has minimal space on his truck account to make a purchase, you will have put him in decision-making mode. He now has to choose between multiple new products which could ultimately lead to no sale (or your hardest sale of the day).

Keep it simple, but always take advantage of new items. There is a good chance you will be the first person to show it to them and then you will be able to capture that spontaneous purchase.

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