Body Shop Value-Added Services

Traditionally there’s been a pretty clear difference between service/repair work and body work. But in recent years the lines have begun to blur. Today, collision repair is likely to require a technician skilled in A/C service, brakes, suspension, electrical/electronic repair and of course scan tool diagnostics.  As cars are becoming more complex and packed with more components, mechanical service shops are sometimes finding it necessary to remove interior and exterior body pieces to access parts for inspection, repair or replacement. Repair shop owners and managers who are paying attention to this trend have begun looking for opportunities to snare some of the work normally done in body shops. After all, why should body shops get all the gravy? 

There are some value-added services you can provide your customer that would traditionally be serviced at a body shop. In this special section, we visited a shop that’s doing just that – taking the partnership a step farther and combining a regular repair facility with body shop services. We’ll also discuss different services you can offer your customers, right in your own shop, including the business aspects of paintless dent repair (PDR), information and how-to on headlight restoration and buffing and making the most with welding.  We also cover the agreement that allows body shops to access to vehicle security system codes.

Sometimes, you’re not always able to fully service each customer. In those instances when jobs require a fully equipped body shop, consider partnering with a neighboring shop to share services.

If you like what you see here, be sure to visit our online product guide for more information and ideas on  body shop tools and equipment.  You may also want to consider attending Automotive Service Repair Week, October 5-8 in Orlando, FL, where NACE and CARS events are held in conjunction to service both mechanical and body shops.