The $94.5 Million Jackpot

The new energy bill will fuel growth of the already-booming idle-reduction industry.

The California Challenge
According to Wayne Wissinger of Mack Trucks, a new idle cap due to go into effect in California in 2008 could throw the idle-reduction industry into a spin.

"The California Air Resources Board is going to make idle shut-down required on all trucks, so they can only idle five minutes and that's it," he explains. "So we're going to have to make Idle Shutdown so a customer can't program it on California vehicles, so it's fixed. We're debating with California right now on whether that means it's programmable only by the dealer or does that mean only Mack can program it. Because it becomes a special set of problems if those trucks are traded when they're done, and they're used out of state.

"California is also putting rules on APUs, where they have to meet certain emission standards as well," he goes on.

We're looking into whether or not we can meet those emissions standards with the basic engine. In 2007, our engines are going to be so clean you can practically breathe the exhaust. So, as an ultimate goal we would like to pass the APU emission standards with the main engine, so Mack engines wouldn't be prohibited from idling in California."

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