Fully Loaded

With a re-vamped approach and new product offerings, the focus at SKYE International has gone beyond just A/C.

  • Both of these factors also translate to fewer worries for the distributor after the sale.

    To further help the sales and promotion of a growing product line, SKYE has unleashed a fleet of 5' x 10' trailers that distributors can access in showing and demonstrating all of SKYE's products.

    "Show n' Sell is a great sales tool for our product lines, especially when you consider the amount of money that you're asking the end-user to invest," states Bennett.

    "These trailers get them looking at everything, and they get the technicians involved. Granted, they're not the ones actually buying the equipment, but usually they will use it more than the shop owner. So it's important that they feel comfortable with the products and the brand name. There's no way a flyer can match that impact," he concludes.

    Additionally, when distributors call (682) 647-0077, Bennett pledges that his staff will answer the phone by the third ring during regular working hours. "They're no longer waiting on hold for 45 minutes for a technician or product information," states Bennett. "We welcome customers calling in here so we can help close the order. We feel live phone support makes a difference."

    The moves that SKYE has made in expanding their maintenance-focused equipment offerings should confirm the growing role that these products will play in a distributor's business. With parts (100,000-mile spark plugs) and vehicles (current average vehicle age is just under 9 years) lasting longer than ever before, now is the time to begin understanding how to sell this equipment, and deciding which lines best match your customer's needs.

    Get those return-on-investment calculations ready'the distributor who plans on being around tomorrow will need them today!


    In order, here is how SKYE grew their product offerings to provide a wider range of preventative maintenance and service equipment.

      1. Skye Blue A/C'manual A/C service center. 2. TransJet'Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) exchanger. 3. CoolJet'Coolant exchanger. 4. PowerJet'Power steering fluid service center. 5.Storm'The company's first fully automatic A/C service center. 6. FuelJet'Engine decarbonization machine. 7. BrakeJet'Brake fluid exchanger.
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