Yo No Hablo Ingles

With more Spanish-speaking customers entering the marketplace, conquering the communication barrier helps meet their needs, and grow your business.

“When I get home, I also like to go on sites like www.freedict.com and www.freetranslation.com to pick out specific words and phrases related to tools and equipment,” he adds.

Tuite has noticed that some Spanish-speaking customers may be hesitant to do business with people that can't or won't communicate with them, so finding different ways to get in touch with Spanish-speaking customers really proves that you're willing to go that extra mile. It's a customer service measure that might translate to a monopoly on their business.

Adapt And Overcome

“The demand for a Spanish language manual in the U.S. keeps growing each year as the percentage of Spanish speaking people in the U.S. increases," states Richard Gunderson, vice president and general manager of Autodata Publications.

“The Timing Belt Manual is one of our best sellers year after year, and the most requested by the Spanish-speaking market. This is a hardworking segment that continues to grow," he adds.

Tony Molla, vice president of the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), confirms that in addition to the three tests the organization currently offers in Spanish, more are coming in the near future.

Molla also estimates that there are 127,000 automotive technicians of Hispanic origin, accounting for about 16 percent of the total. To support this group, ASE’s website has a section that is entirely in Spanish.

The Hispanic community is the fastest growing minority in the United States. The key here is to adapt to what your customers need and break down that communication barrier in order to grab their business. By going that extra mile you can increase your customer base, earn their trust and really show that you're there to provide the service they deserve, and the tools they want.

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