Unique Tactics Drive Success

See how Mac distributor Jenivive Barrera's unique approaches have helped grow her business.

See how Mac distributor Jenivive Barrera's unique approaches have helped grow her business. It's not every day you run into a female mobile tool distributor. And regardless of gender, there are even fewer with the attitude, approach and proven results of Mac Tools distributor Jenivive Barrera. Her upbeat attitude and constant determination have driven her mobile distributor business to new...

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Wednesday nights have become a ritual for Barrera and her customers. The local Quaker Steak & Lube, a motorcycle, automobile and sport-themed restaurant and bar, hosts Bike Night every Wednesday. Barrera takes advantage of the event by setting up her truck, as hundreds of bikers and automotive enthusiasts come to check out the cars and bikes on display. Barrera allows attendees to get on her truck, ask questions and, of course, purchase tools and equipment.

"My regular customers know where they can find me on Wednesday nights, and many just stop by to visit, as well as ask questions now that they have some down time and neither of us are in as much of a rush. It's just another way that I try to accommodate my customers," states Barrera.

"Similarly, when I'm at the shop I don't waste their time, and they don't waste mine," she continues. "But I'll do whatever I can to get them what they want, even if that means dropping off tools after hours, or deviating from my normal route to make special deliveries, regardless of where I might actually be headed that particular day."

Mixing It Up

Most of the shops Barrera visits are pretty busy, so a number of her customers don't always have time to get on her truck. In response, she's taken the tote n' promote principle a step further.

Instead of coming back later, Barrera bought a wheeled cart that she fills up each week with new and innovative products. As she's talking with a customer, they can see everything that's new without leaving the service bay.

"My customers count on me being there at a specific time each week with new products, and I am," she states. "I've built up a trust with my customers, and I know that they need and depend on me to be there, so I feel like I'd be letting them down if I wasn't. This goes a long way, especially in covering warranties or delivering new tools that they need to perform a specific service. In the end, it just really solidifies my relationship with the customer."

Organized And Accessible

Every few weeks Barrera takes the time to really sort through the tools and equipment that have become jumbled on her truck, and organize them for easy customer access. Additionally, her truck's back door features a number of shoe organizers filled with a collection of smaller tools. Because the shoe slots are clear, customers can see each and every product inside them.

For additional display purposes, Barrera purchased a wire cabinet with shelves, with each shelf serving a different purpose. The top shelves are all the sale items for that week. The bottom shelves are items that she needs to order more of, or fix. This systems helps keep things organized while she's on the route and doesn't have a lot of time. In the end, it's another aspect of her business that ultimately benefits the customer with fewer misplaced tools and a more targeted inventory.

Jenivive Barrera recently received Gold status for the year, meaning she is one of the top mobile distributors in her district. It's an accomplishment she's proud of, as she's earned it by going above and beyond her job description on a daily basis to establish a connection with each and every one of her customers.

Because she's able to get them the tools they need in a timely fashion, while still being personable and showing her customers that she really does care about them, their families, their success and their business, she's reaped the benefits.

One can only wonder what would have happened if that dealership would have put her in sales training? Her customers and Mac Tools are pretty happy they didn't.

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