Markets Analysis: West

The following information shows the number of customer types located throughout this area. The first number shows how many physical locations are present, while the number that follows in italics represents the average number of technicians or customers found at each location.

Covers the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming

Mechanical Repair Shops: 47,901 (4)
Large Corporate & Municipal Fleets: 8,273 (5)
Collision Repair Shops: 8,517 (5)
Marinas/Marine Businesses: 1,689 (2)
Outdoor Power Dealers: 1,770 (4)
Aviation Repair Locations: 6,169 (9)
Motorcycle Repair Shops: 2,978 (3)
RV Dealers: 285 (5)
Farm Equipment Dealers: 1,004 (3)

Registered Light-Duty Vehicles: 45,844,243
Registered Medium & Heavy-Duty Vehicles: 1,420,139

Mobile Tool Dealers: 1,764
These figures average out to provide each mobile tool dealer with 202 customers from the listed locations. Numbers were unavailable for smaller fleet, industrial, large equipment repair and educational locations, as well as "hit-and-miss" accounts such as golf courses and specialty shops.

PBE Jobbers: 1,058
These figures average out to provide each PBE jobber with 20 customers from collision repair, fleet, marine and motorcycle shops. While it's understood that not every location within these categories represents a viable customer, each is worth investigating as jobbers in this market look to expand beyond traditional automotive customers.