The Power Of Three

Three great ideas to organize, advance and solidify your business.

There is always room for improvement in any situation. Below are three concepts that, when implemented or taken advantage of, offer great opportunities for enhancing your business.

The E-Advantage
In this day and age it might be difficult to imagine, but there are some who still are not reaping the benefits of an e-mail address. Having one offers a lot of advantages for you and your business. Not only is e-mail faster, easier and more convenient, it's also cheaper and more efficient than regular mail or telephone in communicating the same information.

Additional features and advantages can include:

  • E-mail, unlike postal or "snail mail", can be delivered at any time.
  • Incoming mail can be immediately printed, saved to a disk, replied to, forwarded or deleted.
  • Being able to reach others by e-mail means that you can communicate with them at your mutual convenience.
  • Outgoing messages can be carefully composed, allowing you time to think out your response or research a question.
  • An e-mail message can be delivered at any time, without long distance charges.
  • Your message stays on the recipient’s computer until he/she retrieves it.
  • Messages can be sent out to dozens or even hundreds of people at once.
  • E-mail is free. There are many options for setting up an e-mail address. Some of the most popular options are Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and MSN. Easy set up instructions are available on any of these sites.
  • E-mail fits your schedule, and waits for you. The ability to check your e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows you to better allocate your time. Instead of stopping to take a phone call, place an order or find a fax machine, you can respond as time allows.
  • E-mail helps improve customer service. Customers can e-mail questions or comments whenever they come to mind, and you can wait to answer until you have the information they need.
  • Avoids telephone tag.
  • Allows for sharing files in a matter of seconds.
  • A written e-mail allows for editing your response before sending it.
  • E-mail users can also sign up to receive Mobile Dealer News, a monthly e-newsletter produced by the staff of Professional Distributor. Exclusively for mobile tool distributors, each issue offers insight on the industry and new information that can help you better service customers, manage your inventory and grow your business.

To sign up, go to and enter your e-mail address in the box that offers free newsletters.

Enhance Your Offerings
Fort Myers, FL-based Automotive Video, Inc. (AVI) is looking to work more closely with mobile tool dealers in bringing the company’s products and services to market. AVI specializes in shop management, technical and product-specific training for automotive repair. While the company holds seminars and workshops all around the country, AVI’s specialty is providing this information on VHS and DVD-formatted videos.

"We feel that we have two really unique offerings for the mobile tool dealer. The first of which are our video products, because of how they work in concert with the diagnostic tools and equipment mobile distributors sell," states company CEO Paul Louwers.

"We understand that most in this group either don’t have the time to explain these products in detail, or the technical background to unlock a tool’s full capabilities. That’s were we come in," he states.

Product-specific training materials include videos associated with Snap-on’s MODIS™ and SOLUS™, as well as the lab scope module and driveability tools for the Genisys™.

"Additionally," continues Louwers, "we want to work with mobile tool dealers in setting up, promoting and holding training events for their customers. This could mean working with the mobile distributor to recruit technicians for one of our seminars, or effectively playing the role of a third-party provider in training their customers."

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