Same Path, New Destinations

How Weiss Tool's approach to price and availability has led to expansion.

A big part of this approach is being more hands-on and involved with customers. This not only ties WTD in with what they want and need, but it has also helped in developing and implementing more efficient processes. The end results have been better customer service and lower overhead costs. "You really help yourself by helping the customer," states Jerry Staub.

Specific examples of how they work to do just this include:

  • Multiple locations that can provide one or two-day delivery to 90 percent of the country.
  • All orders received by 2 p.m. local time are shipped the same business day.
  • Availability of non-tool, but shop-related products. This includes fans, picnic coolers, tarps, garbage cans and cigarette ash disposal bins.
  • Drop-shipping equipment.
  • Extending credit.
  • Quicker processing of returns, with accounts usually credited within 24 hours.
  • On-line ordering, with the ability to check price, availability and the status of the shipment.
  • A new fleet section in their catalog.
  • The Weiss Tool Challenge. Customers can send them a copy of any invoice from any other warehouse distributor to see how WTD compares on price.

Both the younger and elder Staub feel their growth and success can be attributed to consistency in their offerings, pricing and shipping. And just as they rely on a steady flow of products and pricing in managing their business, Jerry Staub feels these same practices are key for the mobile and glass front distributor. "You have to be there and be able to get the shop owner or technician what they need as quickly as possible. It's the same for our business as it is for theirs," he explains.

In addition to the new locations, WTD has also seen growth by tapping into the agricultural, mining, industrial and hardware markets. They also list internet sellers among their customer base, which breaks down to roughly 40 percent mobile dealers, 50 percent parts stores, and the remaining 10 percent representing a composite of the others.

"Even as we continue to grow, our focus and attitude is the same in year 21 as it was in year 1," states Jerry Staub.

  • "We want to have whatever product the customer needs.
  • "We want to get it out the door the same day we receive the order.
  • "We want to offer it at the best price."

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